Is home solicitation legal in Lower Moreland?
Lower Moreland Township has enacted a licensing fee for individuals wishing to solicit. Applications can be obtained at the front desk of the Police Department. The fee is $100 per person to solicit and the permit is valid for 30 (thirty) days. To obtain a solicitation permit application, please call the Township Police Department during regular business hours. Residents who do not with to have solicitors come to their property have several options:
- Add their address to the No Solicitation List by clicking here or by calling the police station at 215-947-3132.
- Post a “No Peddling or Soliciting” sign on their property.
- Purchase a “No Soliciting” window cling, available at the Lower Moreland Police Station at a cost of $1/each.

Solicitors: Click here for a copy of our solicitation permit application. 

How do I safely dispose of unused medications?
The Lower Moreland Police Department is a participant in the nationwide MedReturn program. The program aims to provide a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way for communities and law enforcement agencies to collect unwanted or expired household medications, including prescriptions, over-the counter drugs and unused pharmaceuticals. Since the program's inception, over 18 pounds of medication have been collected. The MedReturn collection unit is located in the police station lobby (lower level) located at 640 Red Lion Road. Residents are encouraged to dispose of their over-the counter drugs and unused pharmaceutical items by dropping them into the green metal unit. Drop off is available while the police station lobby is open. For more information regarding the MedReturn program, visit www.medreturn.com.

How do I obtain a police report?
- Accident Reports
All accident reports are available online at crashdocs.org. The cost to obtain an accident report is $15.
- Incident Reports
For all other types of police reports, contact the Lower Moreland Township Police Department at 215-947-3132. Reports can be mailed, emailed or made available for pickup at the police station.

Where do I pay tickets and fines?
With the exception of parking tickets, the Police Department does not accept payment for any tickets or fines imposed by the court. For information on payment, follow the instructions printed on the ticket or contact the District Court at 215-659-6840.

Does the department offer finger printing?
Lower Moreland Township Police Department is available to do non-criminal fingerprinting for Township residents and non-residents. Typically, fingerprints are needed for purposes like employment and immigration applications. No appointment is necessary, but is strongly suggested that you call first to ensure someone is available to roll your fingerprints.
Residents:  $20 fee for the first card, $10 for each additional card
Non-Resident: $30 fee for the first card, $10 for each additional card

How do I request my house be checked while on vacation?

If you are going on vacation or will be away from home for an extended period of time, you can add your home to our extra patrol list here or by calling the police department at 215-947-3132.

Can I request police for my event?

The Lower Moreland Township Police Department can, with prior notice submission of an application, provide officers for special events and details. Click here for a copy of the extra duty permit application. Requestors are responsible for payment of department overtime costs.

How can I turn in unwanted weapons?
The Lower Moreland Police Department accepts unwanted weapons during regular business hours and will arrange for disposal.

How do I register my alarm with the Township?

To register your burglar, fire, medical, etc. alarm with Township police, please fill out the form and send to [email protected]

Where can I find more information about Pennsylvania's Fireworks laws? 
The Pennsylvania State Police maintains an FAQ page about House Bill 542 and Pennsylvania's current fireworks laws. It is available at https://www.psp.pa.gov/public-safety/Pages/fireworks-safety.aspx 

Please contact the department with any other questions at 215-947-3132. We are here to help.