The Township budget is prepared by the Township Manager and is approved and adopted by the Board of Commissioners every fall. The goal of the budget is to provide financial management, resource allocation, program evaluation and long-range planning. The budget is comprised of 16 funds with the largest being the General Fund, which supports Township departments as well as funding capital projects and needs.

2024 Final Budget

The 2024 Final Budget proposes a total millage of 5.674 broken down between the following funds:

  • General Fund:               3.230
  • Fire Hydrant:                 0.082
  • Fire Tax:                            0.660
  • Debt Services:              0.700
  • Library:                             0.477
  •  Ambulance/EMS:      0.240
  • Parks & Recreation:  0.285

The average local real estate tax bill would be $1,191.54 (face value) based on the proposed millage for 2024. For reference, the following is the average tax bill paid by a resident for each fund if paid after the discount period:

  • General Fund:                 $678.30
  • Fire Hydrant:                   $17.22
  • Fire Tax:                              $138.60
  • Debt Services:                $147.00
  • Library:                               $100.17
  • Ambulance/EMS:         $50.40
  • Parks & Recreation:    $59.85

The 2024 Final Budget is available for view electronically here and also at the Township Building during regular hours of operation.



This funding allows all programs and policies to continue or increase, including:

  • Funding of increased fire hydrant system throughout the Township.
  • Continued funding for a shared Emergency Services staff with Bryn Athyn Borough.
  • Continued capital reserve planning for fire apparatus.
  • Continued fully funding the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company shift program.
  • Continued partial funding of the Bryn Athyn Fire Company fire operations request.
  • Increased funding to Bryn Athyn Fire Company’s ambulance operations with an added second daily ambulance.
  • Continued funding of pedestrian connectivity projects throughout the Township.
  • Continued annual funding of the Township’s capital equipment needs and capital programs to complete large infrastructure project needs throughout the Township.
  • Meeting the Township's annual debt service obligations.    
  • Continued funding of the Huntingdon Valley Library to provide excellent library services for the community.
  • Funding the annual contribution to the Parks & Recreation Capital fund.
  • Funding grant matches for current intersection and pedestrian improvement projects.
  • Continued contribution to the Township’s capital reserve allocations for large Public Works equipment, Police fleet vehicles and IT hardware.


New starting 2023, the Township will have three business-type funds: Trash, Sewer, and Stormwater.

The 2023 trash fee will stay at their current levels while providing the following additional programs and policies:

  1. Continued provision of the Township’s no-additional-cost e-waste                                                   
  2. Continue to provide annual fall leaf collection and composting program                                                                                 

The 2023 sewer fee is reallocated to $70/quarter from the base sewer rate of each billing cycle to the newly created stormwater rate in order to fulfill expenses needed for staffing, engineering, equipment, capital projects and capital planning needs related to stormwater management.