2022 Road Paving Schedule

2022 Road Paving Schedule
Posted on 06/07/2022
Dates*  Milling Paving
  6-9-22 Mason Mill Rd (Bryn Athyn - BA)     
 6-10-22 Creek Rd. Short Ln., Somers Dr., Rd.   Mason Mill Rd
  6-13-22 Somers Dr./Rd, Willard Rd., Dempsey Ln.  Creek Rd./Short Ln 
 6-14-22 Wright Dr., Midvale Ln., Abidale Dr.  Somers Dr/Rd 
 6-20-22  Red Barn Ln., Bobwhite Ln.  Willard Rd, Dempsey Ln, Wright Dr
 6-21-22  Edencroft Rd., Tomlinson rd. (BA) Wright Dr.,Midvale Ln.,Abidale Dr. 
 6-22-22  Cathedral, Tomlinson (BA)    

*Schedule is weather dependent
**Paving Date to be determined:   Red Barn, Bobwhite, Edencroft, Tomlinson, Cathedral