Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal administers the International Fire Code and performs fire sprinkler and fire alarm installation inspection, post-fire investigations, reviews fire protection plans, and provides education for life-safety. The Fire Marshal is an appointed assistant to the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal.

Fire Marshal Office: Monday- Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 215-947-3100
Fax: 215- 947-3615

Robert Scholly, Jr.
Fire Marshal  
[email protected]

Fire Inspections
The Fire Marshal's Office conducts fire inspections of commercial properties and businesses in accordance with Lower Moreland Township's Fire Prevention Code Chapter 105 and the 2015 International Fire Code. The purpose of this annual inspection program is to safeguard property and occupants from fire and explosion hazards. Care must be taken in the storage, handling and use of substances, materials and devices as this can lead to conditions hazardous to life or property.

Areas of focus during the inspection will include but not be limited to the following:
- Emergency exits, doors and pathways clear of obstructions and in working order
- Electrical panels labeled for their use and clear of any obstructions
- Boiler/Mechanical rooms maintained and cleaned
- Storage/Utility rooms maintained and cleaned
- Outside storage maintained if permitted
- Storage of Hazardous Materials
- Review fire alarm systems and sprinkler system (if applicable)

A complete list of fire construction permit fees can be found here

Knox Box
In accordance with Township Ordinance No. 520,
a Knox Box isphoto of knox box required to be installed on the outside of commercial buildings so firefighters can gain access in case of an emergency if no one is present. Additionally, residents may also choose to have a Knox Box at their home. The residential program is strictly optional, but can serve as a valuable fire safety tool. To find out more, please contact the office of the Fire Marshal.

Also, Knox Boxes can be ordered ordered online. Please enter zip code 19006 and then select Huntingdon Valley Fire Co #1 and follow the prompt to complete your online order.

Help Us Find Your Property in an Emergency

The fire code requires that new and existing buildings have approved address numbers, building numbers or approved building identification placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters, contrast with the background and be a minimum of 4 inches high with a stroke width of 1/2 inch. Address numbers should be mounted on both sides of your mailbox or on your mailbox post and on the house in a visible location from the street. Please note that numbers should not be spelled out.