Streets & Roads

Lower Moreland Township has over 57 miles of local roads along with an additional 19 miles of state roads. The Public Works Department maintains all local roads. These duties include temporary and permanent patching, street cleaning, upkeep of traffic legends and line painting, maintenance of the storm sewers and inlets and mowing and trimming of trees in the right-of-way. PennDOT is responsible for maintenance of state roads but contracts with the Township for snow removal.

Lower Moreland Township Public Works Department is responsible for repairing potholes on local roads. This service is not done during the winter season as hot asphalt used for permanent patching is unavailable and cold patch must be used. Initial repairs are temporary. Permanent repairs are made when weather permits, usually starting in the spring. If a pothole is reported in a street not maintained by Lower Moreland Township, we will notify the proper parties of the problem. To report a problem please email  [email protected] or 215-947-3100 ext.256. Click here to report a pothole to PennDOT for state roads or call 1-800-FIX-ROAD. 

Repairing Township Streets
Minor patching and repair of township streets include permanent asphalt patching or crack sealing. When patching is needed, portions of the roadway are cut or milled and replaced with new asphalt. Crack sealing is when the township uses rubberized fibrous sealant with more body to fill and seal cracks in the roadway. Full milling and overlays are contracted out under the direction of the department.

The streets resurfacing schedule is based on the condition of the roadway and the volume of traffic. Overlay is usually done during the summer months and into the fall. Every year data is gathered that consists of the roadways length and width of cracks, severity of weathering, number of potholes, patches, bumps, sags and other distresses. This information is then analyzed and recommendations are made to the Board of Commissioners of which streets to pave for optimum cost benefit.

Street Sweeping
The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing debrisimage of street sweeper from public roadways. The township street sweeping program runs throughout the entire year, weather permitting. Lower Moreland Township’s goal is to sweep each street at least two times a year. This piece of equipment serves a dual purpose of also cleaning out storm sewers. Mailboxes sometimes present a problem to the Public Works Department when they are performing street sweeping and other duties on township roads. Mailboxes should be installed so that the front of the mailbox is even with the back of the curb, or twelve inches (12”) off the edge of the roadway, without curbs.

State Roads
There are approximately 19 miles of Pennsylvania state roads maintained by PennDOT in Lower Moreland Township. These roads are: Huntingdon Pike, Red Lion Road, Philmont Avenue, Welsh Road, Moreland Road, Pine Road, Washington Lane, a portion of Valley Road, Terwood Road, Byberry Road, Spur Road and County Line Road.

Dead Animal Collection
We would like to remind residents to call the township at 215-947-3100 during business hours to report a deceased animal on a roadway or within the right-of-way limits. Residents should call 215- 947-3132 during non-business hours to report this issue. Please note that any animal on private property will not be picked up by Lower Moreland Township.