Business Regulations

Opening a business can be an overwhelming and stressfulimage of Fetters Mill Square undertaking. Township staff is available to provide guidance on a variety of topics including building and zoning regulations, and property maintenance. In addition to Township staff input, we encourage businesses to hire an engineer or architect when drafting building plans and to retain an attorney for review of legal documents.

Building Permits
Most general construction, plumbing, electrical projects along with new signs require a permit. To learn more about what permits are required, please visit the Code Enforcement Department Building Permits page. Please note that the turnaround time for a commercial building permit is 30 days.

Certificate of Occupancy for Commercial Work and Resale
The Township requires the issuance of a Use and Occupancy Certificate for a change of occupancy of non-residential buildings, structures and facilities where a building permit is not required. The Use and Occupancy Certificate inspection includes a zoning review and fire inspection. Please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 215-947-3100 to find out more information.

Zoning Requirements
For additional information regarding zoning in the Township, please click here. In addition to the Township’s base zoning map, there is also an overlay zoning map that includes the following districts:

- Transit Oriented Development Overlay: This overlay district was created to encourage development and redevelopment of land along within a quarter (1/4) mile to SEPTA’s Philmont and Bethayres Stations in the MU-REV for a variety of retail, commercial, office and personal services in either an individual or mixed use configuration, including higher density residential uses. The district also creates a pedestrian-friendly environment.

- Airport Overlay: The airport overlay district considers safety issues around the Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) and creates appropriate surface zones, establishing the boundaries thereof and providing for changes in the restrictions and boundaries of such surface zones.

Other Regulated Areas

Floodplain Conservation Areas: The intent of Floodplain Conservation law is to protect areas of the floodplain necessary to contain floodwaters, permit only those uses in the floodplain that are compatible with preserving natural conditions and stream flow along with encouraging the utilization of appropriate construction practices.

Bethayres Historic District: Located in the Township’s Village Center area along Huntingdon Pike and some side streets, any exterior reconstruction, alteration, restoration, demolition or razing of buildings within this overlay district is reviewed by the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB). The Board of Commissioners of Lower Moreland Township then must decide to approve or disapprove the recommendations of the HARB.