Snow Removal

Road Treatment/ Snow Plow Process
- Depending on a storm's forecast, the Public Works Department will begin to treat roadways with brine (a salt water mixture) a day or two in advance. Brine is not always the best practice; it depends on many storm characteristics.

-When snow is two (2'') inches deep, plowing will begin. 

- Township crews prioritize plowing routes.  State routes are plowed first to provide access to emergency vehicles. 

- Once snowfall or sleeting has ceased, main thru-streets of major areas are plowed, followed by side streets and finally cul-de-sac. This provides for the highest number of residents served at the highest possible efficiency.

- The minimum service goal of Lower Moreland Township is to have all roads passable, not necessarily down to blacktop, for at least one (1) lane each direction, no later than 24 hours after snowfall has stopped. In most storms that level of service is surpassed but every storm is different, forecasters are good but not perfect, and equipment can be compromised in severe weather.

* Mailboxes sometimes present a problem to the Public Works Department when they are performing snow plowing. It would help prevent interference with snowplowing if mailboxes are installed so that the front of the mailbox is even with the back of the curb, or 12" off the edge of the roadway without curbs. Heavy, wet snow being plowed from streets can easily create enough force to take down mailboxes which are the responsibility of property owners.

Winter Storm Reminders
- Lower Moreland Township Code requires all property owners to remove  accumulated snow and ice from sidewalks, clearing a pathway not less than 30 inches in width, within 36 hours of the completion of a snow storm. Please try to clear sidewalks as soon as possible. School children and other pedestrians are counting on you to help keep them safe.

- Plowing or piling snow into the gutter or street is prohibited.

- A tenant is just as responsible as an owner for the removal of all snow on the property's sidewalks. 

- All roads in the Township are designated as "snow emergency routes." It is unlawful to drive or park on any roads in the township once an emergency has been declared.