The Zoning Code of Lower Moreland Township was first established in 1940. The last major revision occurred in 2014. Its purpose is to regulate land use by establishing districts in which the size and proximity of buildings and accessory structures are controlled in relation to their use. The Zoning Code identifies permitted uses, area, height and impervious coverage limitations, floodplain management restrictions, off-street parking requirements, allowable home occupations and requirements for the posting of signs. It is not a static document and is updated as needed to best serve the health, safety and welfare of the Lower Moreland community as a whole.

When the zoning code conflicts with a property owner's desire to move forward with a project, an application for a hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board may be submitted.

Types of applications filed for the Zoning Hearing Board include:
- Appeals of the Zoning Officer’s decision
- Special Exceptions, as provided for in the Zoning Code
- Variances from the terms of the ordinance where a literal enforcement of the provisions of the Zoning Code will result in an unnecessary hardship.

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