Athletic field 2

445 Red Lion Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Lower Moreland's newest park, Valley Center Park consists of 31 acres for active and passive recreation. Its current amenities and features include a lighted synthetic multisport field, quarter mile walking path and restroom /concession building. A playground and park pavilion will be installed in the fall of 2014 and a nature trail through the Fairway Farm open space preserve will be constructed in the spring of 2015.

The 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art synthetic field supports a variety of sports including soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and more. Field rental timeslots may be available for a single event or a season when not in use as the home field for Lower Moreland High School and HVAA Soccer. Call the Township Office at 215-947-3100 for more information.

 Current Features

  • Full Sided Soccer (Field 1 – 115 yds x 75 yds, NFHS, NCAA and FIFA compliant)
  • Turf A: 8 v 8, Turf B: 8 v 8, Turf C: 11 v 11
  • Short Sided Soccer (Field 2 and Field 3 – 75 yds x 53 yds, side-by-side)
  • Field Hockey (fall)
  • Girls Lacrosse (spring)
  • Fairway Farm Open Space
  • 75 Parking Spaces

Turf Field Rental Information

The turf field at Valley Center Park is available for rental opportunities. Please see the Valley Center Park calendar for field availability. A permit must be obtained prior to field use. Please call the Township at 215-947-3100 for more information.

Please note the following turf field rules:

  • Dogs are NOT permitted anywhere in the park.
  • No food or non-water drinks on the turf field.
  • Parking in the circle is prohibited. Please make sure to park in designated parking spots.
  • Only players, coaches and referees are permitted anywhere on the turf. Parents and other spectators must stay outside the fence.
  • Beginning May 20th, Aqua Pennsylvania will be replacing the water main on Red Lion Road between Philmont Avenue and Kirk Drive. Work and detour hours will be from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily. Residents and businesses will have access to their properties. The project is expected to be completed by July.
  • The Township has received notice that Federal and State grant funds have been approved for the replacement of the Inverness Lane Bridge. The grant was made available through FEMA’s Public Assistance program in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee. The Township awarded a contract to Loftus Construction to construct the bridge. The bridge has reopened.
  • The Fetters Mill Bridge has been reopened by Montgomery County.

Lower Moreland Township and Allied Waste are commited to Recycling. Allied Waste is proud to offer Single Stream Recycling. What does that mean? All recyclable items listed can now be placed in one container! Containers up to 32 gallons marked "recycle" may be used. Allied Waste can provide stickers at no charge or a 32 gallon container for a minimum charge.

Accepted Items:

Newspapers, Inserts, Junk Mail, Magazines, Catalogs, Envelopes, Paper Back Books, Phone Books, Cardboard, Clean Pizza Boxes, (cut cardboard to 12" squares) Office and School Papers, Colored Paper, Boxboard, Paper Egg Cartons, Paper Bags (Grocery Type), Aluminum Cans, Clean Foil, Tin and Steel Aerosol Cans (empty), Glass Jars and Bottles, All Plastic Containers Labeled 1-7. Please note that some types of #6 recyclables cannot be accepted, such as Styrofoam or other "foamed polystyrene" plastics. "Non-foamed polystyrene" plastics, such as butter and yogurt containers can be recycled.

Be green - Please remember all containers should be empty and clean